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My name is Anthony B, I’m a Digital Marketer, Affiliate Marketer, and Digital Product Creator. This is my blog…

A bit about me; I was born on Long Island, NY. My parents moved us west to Colorado (specifically Lakewood, Colorado) when I was 6 years old. After high school, I moved to Downtown Denver, where I’ve been living ever since. Between then and now, I had the pleasure of seeing my 2 beautiful baby girls be born, Rhymer (my lil Rhymes, who’s 5 years old at the time of this writing), and Haavyn (my lil HayHay, who’s 3 years old at the time of writing), to myself and my wife Paige. I also have my oldest daughter from a previous relationship, Kira (my KirKir, who’s 21 years old at the time of this writing). Being a father of 3 girls is a blessing, as I get to have beautiful smart young ladies around me all the time. This drives me consistently forward…

I moved to the city because I guess I’ve always been more of a city boy, at heart. I like being where the action is, and I can skateboard and/or ride my electric scooter pretty much anywhere I need to go, and that’s a blast! If you are considering a move to Colorado, I’ll tell ya a few key reasons why I enjoy it; the amazing weather! We experience well over 300 days of sunshine each year, that’s awesome! The other reason, despite all that sunshine, we still have a pretty crazy winter with a decent amount of snow fall. So, I get to enjoy a dope sunshine filled year where I can skate around, hike one of the many trails CO has to offer, swim in a lake, or tube down a river. All that while, I also enjoy a snowy winter. I take advantage of that when we head up the mountain to 1 of our many world-famous ski/snowboard resorts. This is where I get to push my adrenaline limits a bit by smashin’ down the snow-capped Rocky Mountain hills on my snowboard! I don’t see myself moving anytime soon…

OK, enough about my personal life. You’re here for the business/making money online side of things. So, here’s a bit about what this blog can offer you. Let’s jump right in!

I’ve worked my fair share of 9-5 jobs over the years in many industries, and never enjoyed any of them honestly. They all lacked the feeling of fulfillment that humans tend to need if they wanna live an abundant life. I found myself getting bored quickly, and thus eventually quit. I’d live my life without a job as much as possible, until I ran out of the money I’d made in the job I quit months earlier. Then, it was back to the old 9-5. As you can imagine, this lifestyle was unsustainable, caused me a ton of stress, and thus got old REALLY QUICK!

I finally said, “Enough of this sh*t! I’m done trading my time for a measly paycheck!” That’s when I started researching different job industries that offered a decent living financially, where I could work less, spend more time on my skateboard/snowboard, be my own boss, spend more time with the family, and again MAKE GOOD MONEY in the process. This is how I found Affiliate/Digital Marketing and Product Creation. I fell in love pretty quickly, as the job was actually fun to do. I was definitely fulfilled in more ways than 1, as I helped those in the same boat I just got out of. As well, I have been able to generate a decent living so far. I make up the hours I’d like to work as my own boss, and I spend more time doing the things I love and being around the people I love! Win, Win, Win, if you ask me!

I’ve spent the last 4 years taking a deep dive into affiliate/digital marketing and product creation. Things like creating and selling e-books, PDF reports, e-courses on various niche related topics, creating check-lists, lead magnet pages, opt-in forms, creating an email list, promoting other people’s products, coaching/mentoring, creating sales funnels, advertising, generating traffic, creating membership websites, etc. I think you get the picture, I know a thing or 2 about the industry, and I would love nothing more than to assist you in building your MMO business. I’ll do so, all the while being transparent, holding nothing back, and by providing you with personal assistance along the way. Yes, I said personal assistance as I read and reply to all the emails myself. It may be a day or 2 before I respond, but I’ll respond none-the-less. I’ll be transparent. I’ll provide you with ALL the relevant knowledge that you’ll need to do exactly the same things I did to start, build, automate, and maintain my affiliate/digital marketing and product creation business. You can literally copy and paste what I do, then add your own flavor/style to it, and BOOM, you’re good to go! You’ll have your own online business that you can now promote, scale, and grow until you’re financially secure.

Either way, I hope you find something within this blog that truly helps you with the success of your online digital/affiliate marketing business.

Feel free to email me anytime, and as I said, I will personally respond ASAP to EVERY email.



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Peace out my friends…



Anthony B/WhatStyleDigital

…Conscious. Digital. Marketing.




P.S. If you asked me to recommend one thing that helped me greatly along my journey to becoming successful, THIS IS IT!